About Animal Nutritionist Dr. Alan Clark

successful Texas A&M, alumnus, alumni, most, successful Ohio State, successful University of Houston, successful Saint Louis University, successful St. Louis University, top dog, best dog, well-behavedAs http://PuddingForPooches.com notes, Dr. Alan Clark, Ph.D. holds animal nutrition and food business degrees from Ohio State, Saint Louis University, University of Houston and Texas A&M University (as a devoted Texas A&M University Aggie, he developed, from scratch, a website for an Aggie alumni group and more recently a website for a coaching firm), and he has taught a variety of animal nutrition and business courses. While teaching his college students and while serving as a full professor, he noticed people feeding human pudding, as well as candy, brownies, cake, cookies and ice cream to dogs. Realizing these were unhealthy, he (after decades of academic research, work experience at major food and beverage companies and experiments with a variety of ingredients) developed a high quality, wholesome, healthy and arguably the most nutritious dog food treat with powdered dried meat and bone from livestock animals, fiber (ground to a hair-like consistency), vitamins and minerals, which dogs love. For more on the backgrounds of Dr. Clark and his beautiful wife you are invited to visit the www.premierbusinessexperts.com website.